Blackstone Part I
This game is no longer available to purchase
Blackstone Part I is the first in a trilogy of adventure games in which you take on the role of our heroine Kate, the innocent and unknowing victim of an evil sorcerer's attempt to harness the powers of the mysterious Blackstone. As she embarks on a brave mission to save her village and help her friends, her quest soon leads her to the Clouded Mountain where she must discover both the true extent of her task and the real reason Blackstone is so desperately coveted.
You control Kate as she starts in her home village and then moves through the different areas of the game. You must help her find, pick up and use items, solve puzzles and meet lots of new faces on her journey. The story unfolds as you progress in the game, and is shown via multiple cut sequences in fantastic 3D with full character voiceovers.
Blackstone was available for the Xbox 360 and was released in July 2011. It remained there until the marketplace closed in October 2017, and is no longer available on any platform.
Here is a video trailer and some screenshots from the game. Click on the screenshots to view larger versions. You can also download the soundtrack to the game for free here.
Below is a complete walkthrough for Blackstone Part I. It describes the quickest way to get through the game by indicating where to go, which items to pick up and which items to use. The game begins with Kate regaining consciousness in her own village after Ebenezer and his assistant Nathaniel steal the mysterious Blackstone. It soon becomes apparent that their intention was to empty the village of everyone, and that leaving Kate behind was a mistake. Rose, a friend of Kate who was successfully captured and imprisoned learns this, and pins her hopes on Kate rescuing her.

Part One - Kate's Village
There are three houses in the first area of Kate's village - her own, Rose's house and an empty house. You only need to go to Kate's own house, so do this first. Kate's house is the one around the corner to the right from where you start, and by going here Kate picks up some coins she left behind. Next go out of the village (take the path next to Kate's house) and you'll appear in the second area, outside a shop. Walk up to the shop door and attempt to open the door. You'll have to solve a puzzle before it unlocks which involves rotating a series of pipes so they form a complete circuit (i.e. there aren't any pipes left that aren't joined to anything). The best technique here is to go around the corners and edges first - no pipes can be pointing outside the grid so there aren't as many possible ways for these pipes to be orientated.
Once you've solved the puzzle, the door will open, and you will find a rucksack. Kate says she doesn't feel right just taking it, so use the coins and she will trade them for the rucksack. Having picked up the rucksack, you can now carry more items. Continue to the left and when you reach the bottom of the steps, pick up the matches that are lying on the ground. Don't go up the steps just yet, for now move left again to the next part of the village.
As soon as you get to the next area, there is another building with another door that you must solve another puzzle to open. This puzzle involves rotating sections of 6 marbles at once in a grid, with the aim to get all the red marbles to the outside of the grid and all the yellow ones in the centre. The best thing to do here is to aim for the red ones first by doing each of the 6 "corners" one by one. Once you've solved the puzzle, Kate will enter the house and find a letter, apparently from Rose that says everyone is trapped at the Clouded Mountain. It is at this point that Kate knows what she must do - get to the mountain to help rescue Rose and her fellow villagers.
Continue to the left, and in a small alcove you will find an axe on the ground. Pick up the axe, continue following the path round and you will also find a key on the ground. Pick this up too. The axe is used later in the game, but the key can be used now, and to do so you must return to the second area of the village where you opened the shop door and found the matches.

In the middle of this area of the village there are some steps. Go up the steps and you will arrive at the doctor's house, which is also empty. The door is also locked, but you can use the key you picked up in the previous area of the village to unlock the door. Do so, and you will find and pick up some invigorating potion and some wound healing potion. Again, these are used later in the game. Leave the doctor's house, walk back down the steps and head right to the place you started. We're going back to Kate's house.
Now that she knows what she has to do, Kate has to go back to her own house to pick up a sleeping bag in case she needs to spend a night away from home. Walk up to her house to pick this up. The final thing to do then is to pick up a bracelet that is setting on a table at the top of the steps opposite. This couldn't previously be done until Kate had picked up the rucksack. After you've picked everything up, all the village objectives will be complete, and Kate can leave the village. Do this by following the path out of the 3rd area (where you picked up the key and the axe).
Part Two - The Forest Clearing
Upon leaving the village, Kate starts her journey and ends up in a forest clearing as night draws in. It is here that she is forced to spend a night, but first she must light a fire to warm the place up. It is also at this point that Ebenezer discovers Kate has found the letter, and appears glad that she is making her way to the Clouded Mountain.
This area is fairly simple to do - you must first of all put something on the burnt-out fire in the centre of the area to set light to. There is a log on the left of the area at the back, but it is too heavy on its own for Kate to pick up. Use the axe here to chop it into small pieces - you will then be able to pick up the chopped logs. Take the logs over to the burnt-out fire and drop them there. Then use the matches to light the fire. Then use the sleeping bag to settle down for the night. Kate will then resume her journey to the next village when she wakes up the following morning.
Part Three - Sam's Village
Next, Kate walks to another village that she doesn't recognize. There are two areas you can go between here, but you might as well do everything in the first area before moving to the second. Throughout the two areas there are 10 pieces of fruit scattered around (five in each area). You'll need to pick all of these up as you go along, but they should be fairly easy to find as they are highlighted by arrows pointing down onto them. Go to the back of the area, and at the right-hand side of the small circular path there is a rope. This is used later on, so just pick it up for now.
At the back on the left there is another circular path, and here you'll find a compass on the floor. The compass is broken, but pick it up for now anyway. Then go to the door at the back of the area in the centre. You won't be able to open it, but when you try a sequence of four coloured lights will show up. Remember the sequence, then walk to the console at the front on the level and move the levers so that the colours they point to match the sequence of lights you saw on the door (use the left stick to select a lever and the right stick to move it). When the correct sequence has been set, the door will unlock, and you can then walk over to it and pick up a screwdriver lying just inside it.
If you have all five pieces of fruit there is no need to come back to this area of the village, but you can always return to search for any remaining fruit if you need to. Walk to the second area of the village via the path beyond the console. On your right is another door which requires another puzzle to be solved in order to unlock it. This is another one of the pipes puzzles you encountered in Kate's village, but on a 6x6 instead of 4x4 grid. When you have solved the puzzle, the door will unlock, after which you can open it and pick up a lantern.
Walk over to the far left of the area and you will come across a stranger who is unconscious on the floor. Give him the invigorating potion you picked up in your own village to wake him up. He tells you his name is Sam, and he has as little idea about what is going on as you do, but he agrees to help where he can, and more importantly to come with you to the Clouded Mountain. First of all he needs some energy though, and you will have to give him all 10 pieces of fruit (you can do so in separate parts, but he will keep asking for more until he has 10). Give Sam the broken compass - he says he can fix it, but he needs some tools. Give him the screwdriver and he will do so, and instead of holding a broken compass your inventory will now show a (presumably working) compass. When you've done everything, talk to Sam again and you're ready to leave the village together.
Part Four - Outside the Clouded Mountain
After leaving Sam's village, Kate and Sam make their way to the mountain as they are unknowingly being watched by Ebenezer. Ebenezer didn't expect Sam to have escaped him too, so he decides the easiest way to deal with both him and Kate is to lure them further to the mountain and to kill them. When you arrive outside the mountain, walk to the left of the screen, where you will come across a man that appears to be helping you. He will give you the Key to the Clouded Mountain, and will tell you that only the east door is the safe one to take. Go over to the door and use the compass, which will inform you that this is not the correct door. However, Kate and Sam then walk to another side of the mountain and find the door. Use the key here to gain access to the mountain.
Part Five - Inside the Clouded Mountain
The first room inside the mountain is completely dark, so first of all use the lantern to illuminate things. There are then a number of puzzles to be solved, which are split into 4 groups of 2. They are solved by going to the black "screen" in the centre, then to one of the consoles on the left or right of the room, and are as follows:
  • Numbers - A number is shown on the black screen, and the total must be achieved on the right console by turning certain levers to on or off. For example, if the number 25 is shown, levers 1, 8 and 16 must be turned on (and 2, 4, and 32 turned off) because 1 + 8 + 16 = 25.
  • Colours 1 - First, the console will tell you that all colours must be the same, then it will tell you that you must have three of one colour and three of another. These colours refer to the way the dials are pointing on the left console. In this puzzle you can select any dial, and "turning" it will actually cause all dials apart from the selected one to turn! The trick (for the first puzzle where all colours must be the same), is to think about getting the dials pointing the same way from left to right - it doesn't matter which colour they are pointing to as long as they are all pointing the same way.
  • Shapes - An image will be shown on the black screen, which is actually a combination of shapes. The numbers on the right console will now have been replaced by shapes, and you must turn on only the levers that represent the shapes that are shown. The first of these two puzzles will have three shapes in it and the second will have four.
  • Colours 2 - Same as colours 1, but now turning a dial will cause only the dials on the left and right of that dial to turn. The key thing to solving this puzzle is that the dials on the edge will only turn one other dial (as there is only a dial on one side of them).
Once all puzzles have been solved, the door will unlock, and you can go through to the next room. In this room you must make the rope holding a trap above the door safe. Do this by using the rope you have to strengthen the existing weak rope. You can then go to the door, but must solve any one of three puzzles before you can go through. There is a marbles puzzle (similar to the one in Kate's village but with a third colour of marble), a scrolling numbers puzzle where numbers must be rearranged in order in a grid and a puzzle where a series of coloured marbles must be arranged in order, but they can only be rotated around the centre which causes one to the left of the centre marble and one to the right of the centre marble to swap round. Once you've solved one of these puzzles, you can enter the Clouded Mountain's dungeon.
Part Six - The Clouded Mountain's Dungeon
In the final part of the game, Kate and Sam find Rose locked up in the Clouded Mountain's dungeon, and another woman they don't know in the cell opposite, who initially doesn't trust Kate. Go over to Rose and give her the wound healing potion to heal a cut on her face. Then go to the woman and give her the bracelet you found in your own village. As this woman is also from your village and the bracelet is hers, she then realises you are telling the truth. She also tells you that there is a switch on the wall next to the door that is used to open it. Go over to the switch, press it, and the door will unlock. Go through the door and you will finally meet Ebenezer.
The only thing left to do now is to sit back and enjoy the end sequence. Well done - you've completed Blackstone Part One!