This game is no longer available to purchase
Micromazes is an 8-bit retro style puzzle game which can be played single-player or two-player co-op (challenge mode), or two-, three- or four-player versus (race mode). Levels are randomly generated so no two games are ever the same. To complete the 50 challenge levels you'll have to make use of keys, doors, blocks, targets, teleports, switches and lots more! Each level is a small maze crammed full of useful (and some not-so-useful) objects that you'll need to use to get to the target. All mazes in co-op play require both players to work together, and there's even a four-player "co-op versus" mode where two teams of two compete to see who can solve the mazes in the quickest time.
Micromazes was released for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Indie games in October 2013. It remained there until the marketplace closed in October 2017, and is no longer available to purchase.
Here is a video trailer and some screenshots from the game. Click on the screenshots to view larger versions. You can also download the soundtrack to the game for free here.