Avatar Grand Prix 2
This game is no longer available to purchase
The fastest, most exciting avatar racing game in the world is back for more, now with 12 themed tracks, 10 power-ups, online multiplayer for up to 8 players and split screen for up to 4 players on the same console.
Here's a taster of what Avatar Grand Prix 2 has to offer:
  • All the Features of the Original Avatar Grand Prix - Test drives, multiple speed classes, mirror mode, reverse mode, track records, ghost cars, grand prix tournaments, time trials, etc.
  • 12 Brand New Tracks - Each with their own unique theme.
  • 4 Brand New Power-ups - Magnets, Invisibility, Forcefields and Bombs, plus the original 6 power-ups from Avatar Grand Prix, making 10 power-ups in total.
  • Online Multiplayer - For up to 8 cars at once, over Xbox Live or System Link.
  • Local Multiplayer - For up to 4 players on the same console via split screen.
  • Online Best Times - The top 20 times for each track at each speed and each orientation are now shared online.
Avatar Grand Prix 2 was released for Xbox Live Indie games in January 2012. It remained on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace it closed ended in October 2017. The game is no longer available for purchase, but if you purchased it before October 2017 you should still be able to download it on an Xbox 360.
Here is a video trailer and some screenshots from the game. Click on the screenshots to view larger versions. You can also download the soundtrack to the game for free here.
Below is a brief guide to the 12 tracks that Avatar Grand Prix 2 has to offer.
Track 1 - Domino Derby (880 metres)
The first track in the game, Domino Derby is a fairly simple figure-of-eight circuit with two short straights and some nicely-banked corners that make drifting easy. With generous run-off areas and smooth climbs and drops that give good visibility of the track ahead, this is a great place to learn the ropes. For this reason it's the test drive track, and also the first track in Grand Prix and Time Trial tournaments.
Track 2 - Roadblocks (928 metres)
A colourful track, Roadblocks has a number of inconsistent turns, and finishes with a 180 degree turn with a straight in the middle, which it's advisable to do in two separate drifts. The first and last turns are probably best for taking a quick inside line gaining positions or time - just concentrate on not hitting the walls on the rest of the lap!
Track 3 - Fun At The Fair (1242 metres)
One of the crazier tracks in Avatar Grand Prix 2, Fun at the Fair ends (or starts if you're in reverse mode) with a huge, steep spiral where keeping a constant, controlled drift and sticking to the inside line is essential to getting around quickly. In fact most of this track is extremely steep, with numerous climbs and drops often having an effect on the speed of your car and your visibility of the track ahead.
Track 4 - Candy Corner (1517 metres)
Consisting of three 270-degree turns, Candy Corner is a long, not-too-complicated track with a long straight that goes back underneath the start line. Every bend is "driftable" at full speed, and drifting the whole of the first and last 270-degree turns is the quickest way to get around.
Track 5 - Timber Trail (602 metres)
A tight track, Timber Trail is roughly an oval shape. The two bends are similar, but the smaller of the two is often best taken by drifting and releasing the accelerator for a short time to take a tighter line. This is almost always quicker than bouncing off the wall! As usual, keep an inside line for a good time.
Track 6 - Cloud Capers (1413 metres)
Set way up in the sky, Cloud Capers won't give you much of a chance to enjoy the views of the ground below as you'll have to concentrate on a relentless combination of tight turns and three straights on three different levels that all run parallel to each other. After you've climbed onto each one, a sharp drop at the end before the final corner takes you back to the line.
Track 7 - Picnic Panic (690 metres)
It's picnic time! After a couple of (roughly) 90 degree turns, this track has a difficult section that turns tightly left and right. Try to take as much of a straight line as possible through here with just a few short bursts of drifting before the final sweeping 180 back to the home straight. Make use of the banking and concentrate on inside lines of the first and final bends.
Track 8 - Desert Dash (1481 metres)
This long desert track, which is the second-longest track in the game, has a few tight corners mixed in with the longest flat-out straight in the game, which gradually tilts to the left and right. Nothing too complicated, just be aware of what's coming up next as the scenery can have an annoying habit of blocking your view.
Track 9 - Mechanical Mayhem (1003 metres)
Another one where the scenery can get in the way, Mechanical Mayhem also has only one straight, which is where the race starts and finishes. The first corner is very tight, then there is a sweeping left-hand turn followed by a fully-driftable 180. Sometimes keeping the car out of the barriers is the biggest challenge on this one.
Track 10 - Retro Road (1065 metres)
Try not to be distracted by the scenery as you make your way round this retro-style track. With the track taking a 360 degree turn that then drops back through itself, concentrating on only the road in front of you is the best bet here. None of the bends are particularly tight, so smooth drifting on the inside line is a good strategy.
Track 11 - Forest Fever (596 metres)
The shortest track in Avatar Grand Prix 2, Forest Fever is a simple oval shape with a slight deviation on the back straight (which you should drive straight across if you can). With incredibly steep banking, the turns are very sharp and it's fast - a good 150cc lap can easily be under 7 seconds. An added distraction is the copious amounts of the overgrowth that can restrict your view, so this is one you'll have to keep alert for.
Track 12 - Sport Circuit (1804 metres)
You'll have to master the ability to quickly switch from drifting in one direction to drifting in the other direction if you're going to master this one. With three 90-degree turns, two 180-degree turns and three 270-degree turns, you'll spend most of your time with full lock on the steering wheel on what is the longest track in the game. Sport Circuit is long, narrow and only lightly banked, and the turns are tight enough to require maximum drift.
It's a well-known, scientifically-proven fact that Avatar Grand Prix wouldn't have been half as much fun without the inclusion of power-ups! That's why Avatar Grand Prix 2 uses all the original six power-ups from Avatar Grand Prix, plus four brand new ones to give you four new devious race-winning tactics. Here is a brief description of what you can expect to find:
Speed Boost, Mine, Question Mark, Rocket, Lightning and Shield
Six Original Avatar Grand Prix Power-Ups
Kept from the original game are the speed boost, mine, question mark, rocket, lightning and shield.
The magnet can be used for a couple of seconds to make all cars within a short distance of you move closer towards your car. It has a limited range but is powerful enough to allow cars a good distance in front of you to suddenly appear next to you, so it is great for drawing in an opponent who is threatening to run away with the race. Remember the magnet also works on cars behind you, so be careful not to give them a helping hand in catching you up!
Once deployed, the bomb will roll roughly down the centre of the track until it hits another car, hits a static power-up (i.e. a mine or question mark, which will also be destroyed) or explodes on its own after a few seconds. If it hits another car, the car will fly into the air in the same way as if it had been hit by a rocket or run into a mine. Listen out for the bomb - its familiar rolling sound means it's close by and if you hear it approaching, get as close to the edge of the track as you can! Alternatively if you have a mine or question mark, dropping it in the bomb's path could save you.
Invisibility lasts for a few seconds and causes your car and avatar to completely disappear. The main up-side of this is that other cars' mines, question marks, rockets, lightning, magnets, bombs and forcefields will have absolutely no effect on you whatsoever, but you can still pick up and use power-ups yourself on other cars. And if they can't see you, victims will be all the more unsuspecting! Invisibility also prevents collisions with other cars, meaning you can sail round the track on your chosen line without worrying about people getting in your way.
Forcefields surround you briefly when activated, and cause any cars in your vicinity to spin and temporarily lose control. A spin is not quite as bad as taking a hit from a mine, rocket or bomb - your car will still move forwards, but you won't be able to steer for half a second or so, so expect a detour into the wall more often than not. Cars can only be affected by a single forcefield once.