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Wizards Update on Steam
We've just released an update for our magical platformer The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole. You will now receive an improved status bar, more credits, points for special items, plus a few bug fixes. Oh and we've also added the meaning of life, the universe and everything (see if you can find it!). Pick wizards up on Steam here.
The Food Run DLC on Microsoft Store
Another tasty treat for you all - the extra 64 levels we released as downloadable content for The Food Run on Steam is now available on Microsoft Store for PC! With full Xbox Live integration there is now an additional 500 gamer score to go for.

Tuck in here!
Level Editors!
A couple more level editors for you to have a play with: the Square Route level editor that was recently released for the Steam version is now on the iOS version. And the Steam version of The Food Run now has a level editor that integrates with the Steam Workshop. We'd love to see what levels you can come up with!
Square Route Level Editor
The Steam release of our 2D puzzler Square Route now has a level editor. Just update the game on Steam (which can be found here) and you will be able to design your own levels which can be shared via the Steam workshop. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

We've also been blogging about how we used 3D modelling techniques to create 2D graphics in Square Route. You can read all about that here.
Hungry For More?
Played through The Food Run? Ready for dessert? How about 64 brand new tasty puzzles to get your teeth into? We've added them as DLC to the Steam version of the game and you can pick them up here.

We've also given the original On A Roll a bit of a graphical makeover. Check it out on Steam to see the new look.